Artistic director : David Duponchel

David Duponchel has created the festival A l’Est du Nouveau, in 2002, then the festivals Al Este de Lima in Peru and Al Este de Plata in Argentina. He coordinates all the four festivals.

Programmers: David Duponchel, César Guerra and Carlos Salvatierra

They are looking for films by going in festivals and by contacting distributors or the European Film Centers.

Educational screenings : Monique Dubecq and Nathalie Prevost

They attend educational screenings, she is in contact with the education authority and the teachers and gives them educational tools.

 « Lab’East » :

Masterclass with the directors, actors and producers.

Team : Juliette Lytovchenko

Juliette Lytovchenko coordinates the association by hiring and gathering volunteers for the meetings.

Projects and development : Mathieu Dranguet and Christine Boulenger

Mathieu Dranguet and Christine Boulenger are looking for partnerships. They are in charge of screenings and events, like at the “Maison de l’Architecture de Normandie” or at the University Hospital of Rouen .

Network Moteur : Emilie Richelle

Emilie Richelle is responsible of making meeting reports and represents the structure close to the network called “Moteur” but also close to the institutions and various local partners.

Coordinator professional jury : Elodie Oberlé

Elodie Oberlé recruits members to constitute the profesional jury.

Press jury 

Organization of the press conference and he is in contact with the Press Club of Rouen.

Coordinator young jury: Antonin Malingre

Antonin Malingre recruits young people to compose the young jury.

Communication & Website : Carlos Salvatierra

Carlos Salvatierra is in charge of the website.

Community managers:

In charge of Twitter and Facebook.

 Festival catalogue: Natalia Dluska and Emilie Richelle

Natalia Dluska, a graphic designer, is in charge of the design of the catalogue and flyers.

Poster and trailers conception : Infinito

Infinito, a graphist company based in Lima, makes the conception of the poster festival and the trailer.

Photographer and video maker:

 Guest service accommodation: Paul Kaliszczak

Paul Kaliszczak books restaurants and accommodation to welcome guests. He is in charge of the purchase of flight and train tickets.

Guest service transportation:

They are driving guests from airports, train stations to the hotels and the cinemas but also when the guests need transportation.

 Production department: Alice Levacher and Juan Miguel Maldonado

Alice Levacher works for the professional association « Pixel », she is taking care of the film copies, she tests them in cinemas . Juan-Miguel is responsible of the delivery of the films on the festival server (FTP) and of their transfert in Blu-Ray or DCP. He is a member of the festival Al Este de Lima.

Translations and subtitles: Mari Nyaradi

She translates dialogues and makes subtitles.