Festival sections


A l’Est du Nouveau has this year 8 films in competition for 4 prizes :
Grand Prix: Personalities related to the cinema and to the Central and Oriental Eastern countries.
Press Prize: 5 journalists from Club de la Presse de Normandie.
Young prize: 10 young people keen on cinema and from different schools are going to vote the best film.
Audience prize: For the first time this year, the audience vote for their favorite film with a mark from 1 to 5.

Lab’East :

LAB’EST is devoted to professionals, to people who are eager for cinema; the exchange is personalized with directors and famous actors from the European countries and especially Central and Oriental Europe.


The theme of the films is taken from current events or a special subject.

Carte blanche:

This section is devoted to a country or a director’s filmography.

East in the world:

For the first time, we program films from countries where the festival À l’Est du Nouveau is implanted. For the twelfth edition, the section À l’Est, in the world, presents a selection of the best contemporary cinematography from Peru. Indeed, it is in Peru that the festival Al Este de Lima has been created in 2008, 8th edition in May 2017.
The screenings of the contemporary Peruvian films has been preceded of short-films from the selection of the 48 hours contest which attests of the vitality of the development of the Peruvian cinema. The 48 hours contest is one of the most exciting and attractive contest of short-films which take place in more than 160 cities in the worldwide.

Educational screenings:

Kluk – Films Selection for young people
A l’Est du Nouveau suggests films from Central and Oriental Europe to schools
Syllabus in partnership with the education authority of Normandy and school inspectorate of Seine Maritime.

Other events happen such as special screenings, encounters and concerts.