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A l’Est du Nouveau, would like to make access to the films all the audience who are not able to come during the festival.

The association creates partnerships with structures far from city centers and audience which are disabled, who live far and who do not have access to cultural offers.

Throughout the editions, the festival has developped screenings towards young audience and we would like to carry on the rest of the year.

Since 2014, a partnership with “Passeurs d’images” has been launched. It is devoted to the young audience when they are not at school but also screenings take place in prisons.

The prison in Le Havre invited the director and actor Serge Avékidian for his film “Le scandale Paradjanov ou la vie tumultueuse d’un artiste soviétique”.

Le scandale Paradjanov ou la vie tumultueuse d’un artiste soviétique
( Paradžanov) by Serge Avédikian and Olena Fetisova

Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, France

This biopic illustrates the key moments in Sergei Parajanov’s life and work.

strong>L’atelier enchanté by Hermina Tyrlova
5 animated short-films
Czech Republic

A short-film with a little cat, a playful dog and a knitting box which are awakening in a fairy tale.

Dossier pédagogique

In 2017, the partnership with Pôle Image and « Passeurs d’images » has been repeated with different structures such as the medical and educational institute of Etrépagny and another screening has taken place in a special and social house for children in Canteleu.

L’ours et le magicien

Animated film by Maris Brinkmans, Evald Lacis



A program of three animated short-films: L’Eau magique (2009, 12 minutes), L’Ours arrive! (2008, 15 minutes) and Le Maître des glaces (2009, 24 minutes)

Pour voir une présentation du film et le dossier pédagogique

Some films are also for students in junior high schools and high schools with the help of educational authority.

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